Web Media Group is a Bulgarian media company that own several websites, including,, and

They entrusted us to build a new platform that manages their sites and helps the editors do their work. We did our job professional and the result is a big win for both of our companies. We also made their corporate website -

There were many challenges here. The biggest one was to migrate all the user data and content from their previous platform. This includes articles, comments, images and videos.

Knowing that these sites have huge amount of visitors, made us plan the whole infrastructure and it was done in the best possible way. The performance of the websites is astonishing and a huge achievement for us.

Three of the websites are extremely similar, yet they have some key differences, like the fourth one - that has sports statistics module, used to manage football, basketball, volleyball and other sports fixtures and standings.

PHP 7 Laravel 5 HTML 5 SCSS jQuery
January 21, 2016
Live Preview